Member Achievements 2013 

Below: Emingo's Cedar's Shadow QFTR MH WCX - this year Shad passed 3 master hunt tests and now has 11 passes toward achieving her Grand Master Hunter title.                        Alan P 

Below: 2 yr old, Bluenorth's Non Sequiter SH WC - in 2013 Pogo qualified for both his Senior Hunter & Working Certificate. Alan P 

Below: Charmlee's Diamond in the Ruff aka "Willow" earned her WCI, JR Hunt in 2013. Brenda & Lorne.

Below:  Danno earned his RN, WC and JH this year. Tidewater's Five O Bookem Danno RN WC JH. Owned by Jill C. 

Below: Torque WCI, WCX, DD & RE . Owned & trained by Lianne D.

Above: Emy WCX BBD RE. Lianne D.

Above: Nugget - Whiskey Creeks Precious Mettle - new WC & Reese - Del Brave Flying Colours - new WCI @ RRC Working Certificate Test.  Patti K. 

Above: Reese - Del Brave Flying Colours - new CD @Shamrock Kennel & Obedience Club Show 

Above: Rowdy - CH OTCH TCH Carolot's Noble Hunter WCI earned his Junior Hunter title .  Joni P.

Above: Baypoints Prairie Storm aka "Storm" earned her CD, WCI, WCX and 2 legs on her Sr. Hunt .  Brenda & Lorne

Below: Red W's 2013 - from left to right....

Echo - one AKC-MH pass in Texas & finished her CKC-MH title. 

Taxi - 13 CKC-MH passes (includes 6 for MH title) and needs only three more passes to title CKC Grand Master Hunter.

Drifter - at 17 months passed 3 Master Hunter tests. Needs three more to title MH

Oprah - 10 months of age and getting ready for Master next year. 

Below: Prairie Storms Drake in the Wind completed WC, WCI and finished his JR Hunt test with 3 straight runs in 2013. Owned by Jerry & Susan B. 

Below: Smok'nGolds Prairie Fire aka "Sophie" earned her CD, WCI, Jr. Hunt in 2013. Brenda & Lorne A/T 

Below:  "Bluegoose's Going to Texas" passed his WCI, WCX and got two legs towards his master hunt title in 2013. Wayne N.