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Winter Fun - New Training Grounds 

Kicking Tires - October 2013 

Duck Decoy Days - June 2013 


RRC Hunt Test - July 6, 7th 2013 

The challenge of ever-changing weather made it interesting for judges, volunteers and handlers during the RRC's Hunt Test in July. Thank you to all the people who helped organize and run this event. Special thanks to Brenda & Lorne for their hospitality. Congratulations to all who achieved success with their dogs. 

Thanks Wayne & Jerry for contributions.

Jerry Leippi getting his ribbon for passing the Master from Judges Jeff andJeff,no not Mutt and Jeff,this is Jeff Morari and Jeff Thorpe! 

Hey ,Red got one of those Master Ribbons too! 

 Drake ran his first Hunt test and passed both days. Off to Saskatoon in Aug to finish JR and start SR. 

Ross Campbell banking another Master ribbon!