Membership Fees 2016

For those wishing to join the RRC please see the Club Information page....

Membership rates for a single membership are only $50.00 a year, family memberships available for $75.00 /year. Cheques can be made payable to: Regina Retriever Club. 

Mail payments to:

Ingrid Moisuk                                                                                                                                                                                                       275 Rogers Road                                                                                                                                                                                             Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 7C5 

Current Members

Aitken, Carol - Golden Retriever - Carol breeds Golden Retrievers and Toy Poodles under the Carolot prefix. She competes in hunt tests, working certificate tests, obedience, tracking and conformation. She also instructs basic and competitive obedience classes with the Wascana Dog & Obedience Club and is the Saskatchewan Kennel Club Tracking Test representative. See Carolot Golden Retrievers & Toy Poodles. Carol's dogs are KC , KD. Kenzie

Beitz, Doreen & Bob - Golden Retriever - Doreen & Bob have trained and hunted with Goldens since 1983. Dogs below Sako and Odin. 

Bellerive, David - Toller 

Best, Doug and Hayley - 
Bien, Gerry & Susan - Labrador Retriever - Drake

Buchan, Greg & Blair - 

Burgess, Brian & Janice -  

Cairns, Jill - Golden Retriever - Sonny (below left), Poppy, & Danno (below right) 

Calvin, Mike & Kathy 

Clements, James

Daradics, Lianne - Golden Retriever - Lianne ahs been a member of the Regina Retriever Club since 1998. She became a member to help make hunt and working certificates a success in Saskatchewan as well as to get together with other retriever enthusiasts to share training information and techniques. Lianne breeds Golden Retrievers under the Charmlee prefix. She competes in hunt test, working certificate tests, obedience, tracking, agility and conformation. She instructs the Beginners Retriever class as well as basic and competitive obedience classes with the Wascana Dog & Obedience Club. She is the Saskatchewan Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Trial respresentative and a working Certificate Judge. See Charmlee Golden Retrievers. Lianne's dogs below are Charmlee Jade, Charmlee's TnJ's Special Blend & Charmlee's Emerald. 

Dimier, Julia

Dizy, Rob and Michelle 

Faulkner, Heather - Airedale Terrier - Remembering Ch. Nightsun Chasing the Dream CDX AGNS AGNJS (below) - Heather had a hand in getting CKC approval for Airedales to run in Working Certificate tests. She teaches obedience classes with the Wascana Dog Obedience Club and competes in working certificate tests, obedience & agility. She has also been one of the instructors of the Beginners Retriever Class. Heather's other dogs are True & Hayley.  

Ford, Elaine - Golden Retriever - Maddie.  - Elaine teaches obedience classes at the Wascana Obedience Club and had been involved in obedience trials with Shetland Sheepdogs for many years. Now that she has Golden Retrievers she's going to give field training a try too. 

Haynes, Kevin & Lynette

Henry, Kayla

Hetherington, Helene -

Kindermann, Paul & Heather

Kipper, Patti - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Patti is new to retriever tests but not to dog sports. She competes in obedience and agility trials as well as flyball. Patti's dogs are Ardis, Reese and Nugget. Ardis is shown below. 

Kozack, Kathryn - Golden Retriever - Goldenworks Rippling Skye WCI, CD, RN - Skye is working towards her senior hunt. She also competes in obedience and agility. Kathryn is also a member and instructor at Wascana Dog Obedience Club. 

Leippi, Gerald - Labrador Retriever - Gerald joined the retriever club for the camaraderie of other people interested in training retrievers and learning from them. Gerald's dog is Daisy.  

Lockstead, Gail - Tollers 

MacDonald, Dave - Labrador Retriever - Raven. 

Moisuk, Ingrid - Labrador Retriever - Molly

Nesset, Wayne - Labrador Retriever - Wayne brings to the club over 20 years of training experience. He competes in the retriever hunt tests and working certificate trials. He initially joined to learn how to train retrievers. Cob is shown below.

Olynick, Leanne

Oudshoorn, Fran - Labrador Retriever - 

Parkinson, Alan - Labrador Retriever - Shadow. 

Peterson, Joan - Golden Retriever - Rowdy (below) is working towards his Senior Hunter title. He has achieved championship titles in  obedience, tracking and conformation.  Newest addition to the pack is Kuba. 

Ponto, Camille & Kyle

Sandberg, Thomas Warren - 

Shoemaker, Norman & Laura 

Turgeon, Becky & Dan

Wasniuk, Grant - Labrador Retriever - Joe

Wilkinson, Laurie - 

Wilkinson, Red - Labrador Retriever -Red has been a member for over 30 years -- serving on every executive position, plus committees. He plays with his dogs (Taxi, Drifter, Echo and Oprah) in master hunt tests.

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