Working Certificate Test


These tests are designed to test the natural abilities of your retriever. The Working Certificate trials are designed to be somewhat 'easier' than the Hunting and Field (Retriever) Trial competitions, as they realize that most Retrievers will not be as thoroughly trained as those who compete in hunting trials. The Work Certificate trials are devised to be simple land and water tests using ducks, game birds, or pigeons. These tests are designed to demonstrate the following natural abilities of a retriever: accurate marking and memory of falls, intelligence, attention, style, good nose, perseverance, desire and trainability.

The CKC offers 3 levels of Working trials, the WC (Working Certificate), WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate), and the WCX (Working Certificate Excellent). Working Certificate tests are non-competitive, meaning there is just qualifying and non-qualifying scores, and the dogs are not actually competing against the other dogs in the trial. In the Working Certificate Tests, dogs need only qualify once at each level to earn a title. The Working Certificate Titles are also non-competitive so the titles (WC, WCI, and WCX) follow a dog's registered name. Working Certificate Trials are CKC sanctioned event, and they are open to all of the retriever breeds (i.e., Golden, Labrador, Chesapeake, Curly-Coat, and Flat-Coat), as well as Irish Water Spaniels and Standard Poodles. To enter a trial, your dog must be CKC registered.

WC (Working Certificate)
This is the most basic level of competition. A dog is required to retrieve back-to-back singles on land and in the water. Dogs do not have to be steady. Retrieves are between 50 to 75 yards on land and 25 to 40 yards in water.

WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate)
The tests for a WCI are:
(a) Land double.
(b) Honour on the land test
(c) Water double.

Dogs should be steady, under control, show desire and a willingness to work and be able to use their nose. The dog must deliver to hand and come to line off lead. The falls on land are approximately 75 yard in moderate to moderately heavy cover. The retrieves on water are approximately 40 to 50 yards.

WCX (Working Certificate Excellent)
The tests for the WCX are:
(a) Walk-up test with a land double or land/water double.
(b) Honour on walk-up.
(c) Water double.
(d) Land blind.
(e) Water blind.

The WCX dog should be a steady, reliable worker that would be an asset to have along on a hunt. 

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